Haufe Metallwarenfabrik is a medium-sized family business which dates back to 1905. Our company is located in Großröhrsdorf in Saxony, Germany, which has a population of just under 10,000 and is around 20km east of Dresden.


We are a manufacturer of product carriers and wire displays, punched and CNC wire bent parts mainly for sales aids and product presentation systems in shopfitting. We also supply other industries in this sector.

Alongside the production of our standard articles, the customized production of sales aids as well as wire bending and punching parts is also very important to us.

We know about the manifold problems in the presentation of goods and want to enable functioning solutions for our customers. Because of this we attach great importance to individual production and personal, smooth, and solution-oriented communication.


In terms of social responsibility, we support the nearby Kleinwachau workshop for people with disabilities. We award recurring contract work on a large scale and have permanently installed four of our eccentric presses there onsite. The result is a partnership that is highly satisfactory for both sides.

Company history

The foundation stone of the company was laid in 1905 by the locksmith Max Haufe, who produced the first wire bending parts in a rented barn in the immediate vicinity of the current company location. Three years later, on November 5, 1908, the first building on the site was inaugurated

In the following decades, the company grew steadily. New machines enabled an expansion of the product range and new buildings were added.

World War 2 and GDR

The company survived the Second World War without significant damage. After a planned dismantling of the plant by Russian troops was averted, production was resumed in July 1945.

Following the death of the founder on April 13, 1957, his son Herbert Haufe took over the company management. In addition to the further development of the enterprise, he constantly focused on keeping the company private. He had to give up this goal when the company was nationalized on May 1, 1972. This event, combined with his death on May 5, 1972, led to a turning point in the company’s history.

Herbert’s son, Christian Haufe, was appointed plant manager of the newly founded VEB Metallwaren Großröhrsdorf. During this time, the company remained legally and economically independent.


After the reunification of Germany, the company was re-privatised.

The decline of light industry in the new federal states and the collapse of many companies immediately demanded new considerations regarding the production range and customers. In addition to building hardware – as well as punching and wire bending articles – transition to the production of product carriers and displays took place. This structural change was necessary for survival and – as has been proven since, was also the correct action.

At the same time, substantial financial resources were used for equipment and rationalization, for the renovation of buildings, and the improvement of working and social conditions. CNC-controlled machines and computer technology were introduced. In the following years, further large investments were made in CNC wire bending machines as well as eccentric presses and automatic punching machines.

The 2000s

The entire development, which was continued on a private level in 2000 with the entry of Steffen Haufe as a partner, is oriented towards growth and stability with simultaneous expansion of exports.

From 2013-2016 Christian Haufe and his son Steffen Haufe, both as managing directors, led the company together.

At the beginning of 2017 a generational change took place in the company. Christian Haufe left the company due to age and health reasons. Since then, his two children have continued to run the company as managing directors.

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